Whether you are a commercial or editorial client, Oden Imaging is prepared to handle a wide variety of visual communication needs. Below is a brief description of the services we offer.


  • Commercial Photography

    Commercial photography is a classification of photography that encompasses all clients and uses where the product will be used for marketing or promotion of a business, product, service, or individual. Commercial clients include small and large businesses, corporations, publications, and institutions such as schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations. Commercial photography may include, but is not limited to: portraits, product, fashion, still life, architecture, event, lifestyle, and marketing.
  • Editorial Photography

    Editorial photography clients may include newspapers, magazines and other media outlets where the end use of the image is non-commercial. Editorial photography includes, but is not limited to: spot news, feature, event, photo story, photo essay, documentary, portrait, environmental portrait, sports, still life, architecture, and nature.
  • Digital Imaging

    Digital Imaging (sometimes referred to as post-production) encompasses virtually anything done to or with an image once it has been created. In its simplest form, this would mean basic toning of an image to ensure accurate color and tonality. Digital imaging can also include the cleaning of or restoration of an image and may include the combining of multiple images to create a custom image. Digital imaging goes together with our photographic services but often is a stand-alone service provided to clients for existing images.
  • Picture Editing

    Picture editing or photo editing, which is often confused with digital imaging, pertains to the selection and use of images. A typical photo shoot will yield far more images than a client needs. Many of these will be very similar and a photo editor's eye is trained to take in all the small details and subtle nuances of an image to select the best image for the use. This can also mean selecting multiple images to be used together to convey an idea, tell a story, or share a message. A picture editor is trained to consider how images work together to accomplish this goal. A picture editor will also know how to best use each image in terms of size and placement within media to best communicate visually. There has been a great deal of scientific research done to understand how the eye and mind work together to interpret visuals and a picture editor can help insure the full potential impact of a project is realized. Not only is effective picture editing essential to print and digital media, many photographers utilize picture editors to aid in the selection and sequencing of images for their professional portfolios.
  • Creative Direction / Production

    Many clients chose to provide their own creative team, but for those without the resources, we're prepared to assist with anything from concept development through production.
  • Publication Design

    Not to be confused with graphic design, publication design is the design and layout of virtually anything printed or digitally displayed. In its simplest form this might be business cards or restaurant menus, letterhead or wedding invitations. Annual reports, magazines, advertisements, and brochures are common examples of publication design, but it extends far beyond. Marketing materials of all scale, product packaging, and even websites all begin with a publication designer.

    A publication designer offers many additional services a client might not expect, from company branding to the creation of a style guide for periodicals. Whatever the need, the importance of strong professional design can't be stressed enough. 
  • Graphic Design / Infographics

    Utilizing a select group of top-tier contributing partners from around the country, we offer the highest caliber graphic designers, matched specifically to our client’s needs.
  • Printing

    By maintaining relationships with carefully selected print houses around the country, we can offer the highest quality print services at very reasonable rates. This also allows us to improve our client experience by eliminating the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors. 
  • Editorial Writing

    Though Oden Imaging is a visual communication firm, we understand the role that words play. Words and images, used together effectively, provide the most complete message; tells the most complete story. Heavily published and award winning, we are proud to offer our clients not only the images they need, but the words to accompany them.
  • Writing for PR and Marketing

    Public relation writing is full of nuance, and we can help. Words have incredible power and we can insure your message is delivered in a pointed and impactful manner.
  • Consulting

    In many cases, a client is looking to complete a project through the utilization of existing employees. Often these are employees who are asked to wear several hats and who often do not possess the skill sets to execute the project at the highest level. We understand this situation and that in some cases a client merely requires guidance throughout the process. For these clients, we offer consulting services in picture editing, publication design and as temporary creative director. 
  • Social Media

    Fully understanding the importance of social media and how to use it effectively is knowledge not easily gained. Most business owners and entities realize the benefits effective social media use offers them, at least in the abstract, but understanding how to fully capitalize on the potential of social media is another thing entirely. We are prepared to help our clients navigate these waters by building a plan that offers our clients control and sustainability in social media. Although social media falls under consulting in our menu of services, it is of great enough importance to stand alone.
  • Other Services

    Patrick Oden continues to be available for speaking engagements, photography workshops, contest judging, and portfolio review. 

 Clients or assignments involving travel are welcome.