Linda McCullough
Heard Patrick speak and present some of his photographs last night at Shades Valley Camera Club in Vestavia, AL. His work is exceptional. His comments are to be taken to heart. I've been replaying his message in my mind today as I go about my tasks. Great example of photographing with intention. Study his work if you're looking to grow in your photography and "seeing" skills.
Thank you for the program.
Patrick Oden Photography
Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the kind words. It's no secret photos are made to look at and since the photographer saw the real life version of the image, you must presume all photographers, to some degree, make images for those other than themselves to enjoy. I am no exception to this. Check back often.
You are an incredible photographer. You have the talent to see what is there and what is not there and express it.
Shannon Holt(non-registered)
Patrick Oden, fabulous at capturing a little bit o heaven.
Great photos.
Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. (Kahlil Gibran )
Patrick, you manage to see the light in person’s heart, and not just see…
you capture it through the lens. You capture the soul. Amazing!!!! Thank you for your hard work, inspiration and incredible talent.
Jeff Byrnes(non-registered)
Awesome array.
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