Oden Imaging is a visual communication firm founded by award winning photographer and publication designer Patrick Oden.

With a background in journalism (BA Journalism, MA Visual Communications,) and having spent time as a newspaper and magazine photographer, photo editor, and editor-in-chief, Patrick still enjoys taking on editorial assignments that allow him to write, as well as photography the stories he is telling.

Alongside his wife Miranda, the team serves a diverse range of clients and needs. The cover to the left is an example of both photography and design.

While the majority of their clients are commercial or editorial, Oden Imaging also enjoys relationships with NGOs, small businesses, and individuals, and are available for larger events.

To round out their offerings, Oden Imaging offers imaging, design, marketing, and social media consulting. Turning what seems like a perpetual game of catch-up in to a game of leapfrog, Oden Imaging is available for in-house consulting, training, and continuing education.

Outside of the office Patrick and Miranda are actively involved in the arts community. Patrick also teaches regularly and lectures on photography and picture editing.

Bottom line, you'll be surprised what all they do ... and at the highest level. If you have a visual or communication need, and value attentive relationships in business, Oden Imaging is prepared to exceed your expectations.